Solution Science Systems <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#ffffff" link="#ff0000" vlink="#0000ff" alink="#ffffff"> <div align="center"> <table width="75%"> <tr> <td> <div align="center"> <img src="solutionsciencesystemsbw.GIF" width="300" height="54" alt=""> </div> <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="ARIAL, HELVETICA"> <p> Solution Science Systems is a full life-cycle research entity, encompassing all aspects of SSScientific development. The purpose of this Interweb node is to feature examples of our Bioelectric Aural Research Development (BARD) findings and other new developments in Sonic Reduction. We welcome you, and invite you to examine and enjoy these specimens, the culmination of decades of SolSci research. <P> The members of Solution Science Systems claim that they are not a rock band. The band insists that, in fact, they are a group of scientists under the employ of a corporation called Solution Science Systems to do phonotonic research. And even under a great deal of scrutiny, their web-site ( attests to these assertions. <P> But a listen to their demo (what they call phonoton byproducts of Bioelectric Aural Research Development (BARD) technologies) reveals them to be canny practitioners of an exciting post-punk, post-post-modern mutation of classic progressive rock. A modern updating of the power trio format, Solution Science Systems is the foremost proponent of SciRock or Science Rock, offering up all the complexities of Math rock, but with hooks, melodies, feelings, variety and wit. The SciRock sound is shockingly accessible, and even hum-able, delivering the visceral excitement of great rock and roll, as well as layers of intricate rhythms and arrangements, not to mention understated humor. <P> The band's live performances, referred to as Sonic Reductions, are an audio and visual onslaught, featuring a stage show consisting of scientific garb, props, skits, and puppets. It has been compared to a mixture of Logan's Run, the Theater of the Absurd, and a high school production of "R.U.R." Live, the group's not-so-secret weapon is the powerful, yet flexible, rhythm section of Andy Tegethoff, bass player of the Taybacks, who doubles on keyboards, and Kelly Shane, who supplied propulsive percussion for Kenny Howes & the Yeah!, as well as all of Howes' releases. Guitarist Rob MacGrogan, also of the Taybacks, adds his own unique textural timbre to the musical maelstrom. Both MacGrogan and Tegethoff sing live. <P> The SSScientists have been involved in such music groups as Pink Trim, Taybacks, Waxhead, American Sandwich, Henry Porter, Newsboy Legion, New Albanian Riots, Enemy From Space, Ultraboy, Zen Lemmings and Sons of the Lotus. <P> Solution Science Systems' debut CD, Daemon ex Machina will be released the summer of 2003. A 4-song demo CD, featuring versions of three songs that will appear on their forthcoming release, is available upon request. </font> </td> </tr> </table> </div><P> <div align="center"> <FONT SIZE="1" FACE="ARIAL, HELVETICA"> <p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.</p> </font> </div> </BODY>