Daemon ex Machina

  1. Work on Time - a beginning
  2. Science Is the Solution, pt. 1: The Revealing Solution Science of God
  3. Electrotrombonophone (ETP) mp3
  4. Tomorrow's Dreams Today (interpolating The Hall of Chaos) mp3
  5. Ein Mugg & Schr䩮ger's Cat
  6. Static
  7. A Thread in the Fabric of Time
  8. We Interrupt This Program mp3
  9. Hey, Butterfly mp3
  10. Work On Time - a theme
  11. Phonotonic Duality as Observed in Q-Field Transduction
    a) Particle
    b) Wave
  12. The Heavy Fist of Maxwell's Daemon mp3
    i) Event Horizon (Approach Phase)
    ii) The Corporeal Oblivion
    iii) Strange Attractor
    iv) Chaos/Control
    v) Hyper-Dimensional Realignment Phase

Volume 1 of The Chaos Chronicles
In which the limits of Solution Science are Tested, Chaos emerges Victorious, and the Multiverse is Rent Asunder

Solution Science Systems are:
Rob MacGrogan - String Theory, Phonotonic Transformation
Kelly Shane - Rhythmic Pulsations, Hyper-Conceptualization
Andy Tegethoff - Low-Frequency Oscillations, Synesthesiology

All songs written by MacGrogan, Shane & Tegethoff, ⰰ2

Produced and Recorded by Solution Science Systems at the Gil Gerard Ape Management Facility, Atlanta, GA under the supervision of Andy Tegethoff

All Drums & the Guitar solo on "Tomorrow's Dreams Today" recorded by Jason NeSmith at Summerhouse Sound, Hoschton, GA

Graphics by Kelly Shane

Live technicians:
Joel Ball - Chief Technician
Eric Dempsey - SSScientist-at-Large

Management and Booking: Michael Smith

Make the Pi Higher.

Daemon ex Machina can be purchased at CDBaby, iTunes, amazon.com, and Smiley Jones Records.

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