"...it is in principle possible to observe violations of the second law (of thermodynamics). However, they are so rare that the age of the universe isn't sufficiently long for any such violations to have occurred yet."
--Prof. P.M. Weber, Chemistry Department, Brown University, 1998

Back in the twentieth century, this was the case, but Solutional breakthroughs in the field of entropy research have grown in leaps and bounds. With the development of the first Quantum Enabling Descrambler, the dedicated employees of Solution Science Systems have been able to unscramble an egg, reinstate the yoke and put the contents back into the reconstituted shell, all without utilizing kinetic energy. Through this and other means, we at the SolSci Citadel of Science hope to continue to provide you with the ability to reverse entropy in the workplace, the car or the home. And bring you Tomorrow's Dreams Today.

Solution Science builds up
mankind's defenses against entropy.

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