Published Findings in the Field of Solutional Research

Daemon ex Machina

Released: October 2003 on Smiley Jones Records

  1. Work on Time – A Beginning
  2. Science is the Solution, Pt. 1: The Revealing Solution Science of God
  3. Electrotrombonophone (ETP)
  4. Tomorrow's Dreams Today (interpolating The Hall of Chaos)
  5. Ein Mugg & Schrödinger's Cat
  6. Static
  7. A Thread in the Fabric of Time
  8. We Interrupt This Program
  9. Hey, Butterfly
  10. Phonotonic Duality as Observed in Q-Field Transduction
    1. Particle
    2. Wave
  11. Work on Time-A Theme
  12. The Heavy Fist of Maxwell's Daemon
    1. Event Horizon (Approach Phase)
    2. The Corporeal Oblivion
    3. Strange Attractor
    4. Chaos/Control
    5. Hyper-Dimensional Realignment Phase

More on Daemon

What the Scientist Saw 7" Compilation

Released: August 2003 on AAJ Records

    This four-song comp features this SolSci tracks:
  1. Pi (Bake One)

Eponymous EP

Released: January 2002

  1. ETP
  2. Public SSService Announcement
  3. Hey, Butterfy
  4. Science is the Solution Part 1

Note: This is a promotional release and not commercially available.

A Solution Science audio technician at work.

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