" incredible mishmash of prog with more mainstream wierdness. At various points in the album, I'm reminded of Devo, Hawkwind, The Allman Brothers, Rush played through a Zappa modulator, The B-52's, Yes , League of Gentlemen-era Fripp, Kraftwerk, and even Firesign Theater for gawd's sake! And even with all this, they manage to make it come across as a concept album with the songs all closely related and sounding like Solution Science Systems instead of someone else. You gotta hear it to believe it. And even with all the silliness, you have to also say: hey, these guys can play! ...Great science. Great music. Great talking monkeys. What more do you want from an album? Order it now! It's creating tomorrow's dreams today." --The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock (GEPR) on Daemon ex Machina

"Highly recommended." -- Aural Innovations review of Daemon ex Machina

"Solution Science Systems create challenging, highly creative music. They meld the disparate styles or progressive rock, punk, and new wave into a satisfying and original whole. The music is at times weird; at other times wonderful. Plus, they wear white lab coats. You gotta appreciate that." -- Prog4You review of Eponymous Promo EP

"...are they a group of scientists, striving to make "tomorrow’s dreams today" through the agent of "SciRock’, or a delirious junta of puppet wielding, skit performing, prop-bearing and lab coat toting malcontents who just happen to make fabulous and complex music? Does it really matter in the final analysis? I think not, and recommend SSS to all who value the visually ridiculous and the musically adventurous." -- Aural Innovations review of Eponymous Promo EP

"...the music is incredibly well done while reminisant of the powerhouse rock sounds of the 70's. ...The team consisting of Kelly Shane, Rob MacGrogan and Andy Tegethoff revive the spirit of bands like Pink Floyd, The Who, and Led Zeppelin with the exuberant fanfare these legendary groups are known for. ...If you don't mind the gimmick that Solution Science Systems like to sport, then you can really appreciate the craft of their work."
--South East Performer review of Daemon ex Machina

"The trio develops a quirky and accessible collection of their creative and physical labors. Guitarist Rob MacGrogan provides most of the excitement, then Andy Tegethoff, controlling both bass and keyboards, adds the fun flair to the music, while drummer Kelly Shane teeters the group between math rock formulas and power-pop solutions. ...All gimmicks aside, Solution Science Systems are a very entertaining and talented bunch, enhancing the originality needed in today's music scene."
--Southeastern Performer's review of Eponymous Promo EP

"...the smartest power-pop trio on the beach. Catchin' rays on a weird patch of sand between King Crimson and The Cars..."
--Demo Universe review of Eponymous Promo EP

"SSS is a small group of fine musicians who have succeeded in closing the gap between the concilatory and the industrious. It is our hope that more people show sympathy towards the music that the trio has to offer."
--Tarkus Magazine review of Daemon ex Machina, translated by the magazine's staff

"Next came the high energy of Solution Science Systems that made you feel as if you were rocking out in the basement with the guys as the plowed through a 50's rock meets modern garage rawk effort called "Pi". I had no idea math could be so much fun."
--Jersey Beat review of What the Scientist Saw 7" comp

"...enjoyable, upbeat piece of modern rock - full of enthusiasm and humour."
-- The Dutch Progressive Rock Page review of Eponymous Promo EP

"...this is one that ought to sit well with any King Crimson, Yes or Rush fan."
--Jurriaan Hage, Axiom of Choice review of Daemon ex Machina

"A strange, fluffy sort of concoction, one that only works because these three guys are having way too much fun acting like loony prog gods. is on the agenda, and that's what I had."
--Aiding & Abetting review of Eponymous Promo EP

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