Kelly, Rob and Andy

Andy Tegethoff

Exec. Director of Synesthesiology, Emeritus; Vice-Pres. of Solution Advisory Board; Ministry of Ham
  • Head of Low-Frequency Oscillations Dept. (mechanical and electronic)
  • Solution Science Systems Chief Synthesist; Fellow of the I.C.S.T.S (International Committee on Solution Through Synthesis)
  • Silly Voices/ Scum and Villainy
  • Subcript Manipulation Algortihms (Technical), Data Storage, Hyperdocumentation
  • Gangster of Boats
  • Sonically-Induced Headaches & Visceral Spasms- Motion Videography/ Digital Imaging
  • Railgun, 3 grenades, 89 health- Away Team (2034.78.2-B)
  • Research and Development/ Humanware Coordinator
  • "Release the Kraken!"
  • Low in cholesterol, high in fiber
Andy's Other Projects

Kelly Shane

President, Department of Hyper-Conceptualization; Professor of Improbability Studies;

  • Chair, Office of Rhythmic Pulsation and Algorithmic Fluctuations
  • Head of Velocity at Impact Timbre Investigations
  • Ocular Manipulations and Psychological Optic Inquiries
  • Bipolar Fluctuations
  • Development and Documentation of Science Myth
  • SolSci ChronoShift™ Research
  • Writings on Prog Evolution and Solutionist Metaphysics
  • Transmogrification of Binary Data for Mass Technological Consumption
  • President of the Pataphysicists of America
  • Member of the Theoretical Physicists for the Ethical Treatment of Cats
Kelly's Other Projects

Robert MacGrogan

Chairman, Department of Phonotonic Transformation, SSA (Solution Science Academy); Director Applied Vibrotronic Alloy Research, S³

  • Co-Chair, Council on Phonoton Algorithms
  • Professor of Sonic Distortion at WHAMI (World Hyper-Algorithmic Music Institute)
  • Recipient of 1999 C. Borgnine Prize
  • Generation of Large Random Fluctuations and occasional restraint
  • Discoverer of the Phonoton
  • Mastication of Vegetable Matter
  • Education of the General Public in the Science of Solution
  • Exploding Butterflies
Rob's Other Projects

Through intense research, Solution Scientists have discovered that under the Earth's hard crust is a delicious chewy center.

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