t's an exciting and ever-expanding field, filled with possibilities. Just saying the words out loud fills one with a sense of purpose, an energy to make things right. And we here at Solution Science Systems are dedicated to doing just that. At Solution Science Systems, we create...

e are a full life-cycle research entity, encompassing all aspects of Solution Science development, from producing basic Inter-Dimensional Fast Transforms to designing and implementing infinitely complex Fractal Symphonics. For over 40 years, we have been on the cutting edge of Solution Science research, and many of the exciting technological developments of the last half-century have been directly related to our work.

Using new Solutionist developments, this macro-computer can now prove that s(x)=s(f(n))=f(nU{n}) if and only if s(x) is also in range f(q). Another triumph of Solution Science!

hen the first automobile was retrofitted for flight, it was a Solution Science Systems engineer who oversaw the Quantum Enabling procedure and took the first test flight. Humanity's first interplanetary voyage was made possible by the team of Solution Science Systems researchers who developed Semiquaver Elemental Geometry and the Hyperspatial Split Dynamic Frequency (HSDF © 1972 - Sł). Even those everyday tools we take for granted, like the Interweb, MTU's (Matter Transmitter Units), and Song-Length Attention Attenuators, were the product of the hard-working Solution Scientists of Sł.

Here we see a SolSci technician developing a better tasting instant coffee utilizing the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

nd we continue to expand the horizons everyday. Take a moment to fully explore the world of Solution Science Systems. Browse our Interweb node and explore the realities and alternate realities of the universe we've come to understand through...

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